Monday, October 8, 2007

Walking in the wee hours

I need to find an insomniac friend. Another 2 am wake up, in spite of pushing myself to stay awake later last night. Bored with reading or being online, what else is there to do? I'm sure as hell not going to turn on the TV and watch infomercials.

Go for a walk. It's late/early, it's dark. It's not going to disturb anyone. It's beautiful out there, once your eyes adjust. It's quiet and the stars are out.

Me alone with my thoughts, the ones that seem so strange sometimes until I
remember that plenty of people have different ways of looking at the
world - thankfully.

I find myself amazed again that I am comfortable alone. I can remember points in my life when I was surrounded by people, but terribly lonely.

Thinking about people, those I know and even those I don't

The little I did start to read this morning left me with the depressing thought of how many people in this world still hate one another. Mostly because they don't know each other and they've been taught or manipulated into thinking that way. Wouldn't it be great if everyone could meet each other, even if it was just once? If everyone got to sit down in some "time out" zone where they had a few minutes to confess to everyone else, with brutal honesty, the things that they kept hidden about themselves. More than focusing on our differences, most would be able to focus on our similarities. How could we judge others if we'd just told all of our own interests, no matter how taboo?

I should be tiling, there's so many projects to finish. I just don't enjoy doing that by myself. It's boring to have no one to talk to while doing something that isn't challenging enough in it's own right to keep my mind occupied. And it's not like I have ever needed much reason to procrastinate - I make it a point to tell everyone what a slacker I really am, they just don't believe me because all this stuff gets done.

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