Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm such a first class asshole

Angry because of the way something was handled (actually not handled) and wanting to be by myself and crank up music - so I'm being rude to someone else who's here to work and had nothing to do with it.

Ten minutes later she has something really wrong as opposed to my petty little selfish bullshit. What a reminder that my life is pretty damn charmed compared to pretty much everyone else's and here I am getting drug down on the stupid shit. Off to apologize in person...

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1 comment:

gamera63 said...

I am not sure what is a "first class" asshole LOL. Actually it's hard for me to understand when you can use that word and when not. In our culture (Japanese), probably we use some other words for it.
But anyway, every person has good days and bad days, just forget some when you have bad ones!