Thursday, October 4, 2007

So the trip is a go

Airlines booked - leaving town the 5th to stay over in Charlotte and get 6something am flight to Pittsburgh, staying/speaking at The Priory , dinner with friends Tuesday night at either Eleven or Soba

Catch a 6 pm flight to Portland on Wed night, getting in around 10:30 their time. Staying a few places, but the bulk of the nights at the 4 Points on the Waterfront - Next to the MAX station, blocks away from the NorthWest Food & Wine Festival(which we had no idea was going on when we set our dates) and I have no clue where to eat - the choices are phenomenal- I'm going to really be fat by the time we get home. Chris usually does a better job picking out the food and drink, I just kick back and enjoy it.

Our last night there isn't booked yet. Part of me is leaning towards staying on a yacht on the Columbia river with a dinner cruise, another option is a revamped hotel from the 20's called Ace or maybe Northrup Station The biggest hold up right now is trying to figure how far from the airport some of those would be for an early Monday morning flight and if they hotels have any of the rooms with private bathrooms available, sharing a bathroom with anyone besides Chris just isn't in my game plan and I @#$#$3 hate hotels that don't allow online booking, c'mon people, it's 2007 for crying out loud. Most places I can do a search, book my rooms and get GPS mapping to it all within 5 minutes on my cell phone! I know, I know - it's that whole delayed gratification thing again, but the only place that ever works out good for me is orgasms.

So everything is booked and paid for, now we get to simply go and relax and explore.

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