Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cemetaries and Cubicles

It was a "field trip" day - the plumbers didn't show up again and Evan & Kelly were here to work - and everything we could have done would have problems if we started before the plumbers got done. Add the much needed rain which eliminated outdoor work and we almost had a dilemma.

Coffee chat turned up that we still needed to pick out the fabric for curtains and accessories for the furniture that also remained to be selected and bought back. 15 minutes later and we're on the road to Hickory for a scavenger hunt.

The ride down the mountain discussing a book Evan's gotten at the library called Hide. Somewhere along the way, I drew the comparison between cubicle dwellers (breathing) versus the cemetery (same neat little rows, same quiet atmosphere and not much difference in attitude or productivity.

A comparison between current working conditions and pure Marxism. Which leads to more discussion about how to intentionally create that same family business atmosphere in Portland.

We hit the furniture Mart for a quick run through the Mitchell Gold outlet, several possibilities if the sizes will fit. Off to the Chinese buffet for lunch, which surprised both of them given my fondness for buffets - until I explained that Chris had taken me there before, which is the ultimate endorsement. Little piggies with chopsticks.

Off to the fabric store with Kelly firmly in the lead but her still telling Evan he had to pick out x, y and z for his chalet. Me again standing by in awe of how someone else's brains work. To see what isn't there yet, to put together colors when half of the finished product only exists in their minds.

Hit a thrift store and Hickory's ReStore to see what might be available for both the chalets and what they'll need for their Halloween costumes. Peter Pan and a court jester. So fitting on so many levels!

Then off to the wine shop since I felt like I always get to do all the fun stuff while Chris is stuck in a job he hates. Of course the suggestion is to get him a nice Oregon wine. While talking to the lady behind the counter, we decide our own private tasting is in order - so we each order a glass (based on the type wine, the grape or even the design of the label) and head outside to sit in the sunshine and taste each of them in turn. All were good, some would pair better with various meals and I need to ask Chris how to bring out the licorice that we could all find in the one.

Back on the road, we hit 3 more thrift shops before heading back up the mountain. The highlight was Kelly wrapping a chain belt around my neck and holding it like a leash. (I know at least 2 of the straight boys reading that are having some major fantasy envy over that one!) Even more embarrassing was the comment about it being long enough to loop over my (non existent) PA. Crimson would have been so low on the color palette of my face...

The night wrapped up with picking up Larry and heading over to ArtWalk where we all ran into Nick & Zack, Billy and Cassie. Just as funny was the look on Nick's face when he saw that I was wearing the chain as a necktie. Not a late night, but a very nice wrap up to a terrific day.

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