Saturday, October 13, 2007

Campfires, smoked oysters and good friends

Throw in a bottle of good wine, a very clear sky and lots of good food and conversation and you have all the makings for a fantastic night.

Will, Evan and I went camping over Fall Break on some land that Will is taking photos for to produce the sales literature for the development. We went up yesterday afternoon and got some shots of close up things they may be able to use in some ways, but overall there wasn't much to be seen that showed off the land. The streams were dried up with the drought, kudzu is still overgrowing much and the leaves haven't changed colors. The email instructions from the marketing company referenced a few shots they wanted, specifically a sunrise over Mount Pilot. Well, we rode around looking for that particular view and never could find it, so finally took a break to make camp and gather firewood around 8. Which meant it was about 10 when we finally ate, but it was worth the wait. While it would have been fun if the whole crew had gone, the three of us talked on the smaller level that wouldn't have been possible with a big crowd.

Will crashed first saying we were getting up at 4:30 to get the sunrise pictures, Evan and I tossed more wood on the fire since the temps had dropped into the mid 30's and the wind picked up - never once questioning why we were going to be waking 2 1/2 hours before sunrise. That part never dawned on either of us until Will had already gotten me up and Evan asked from the burrows of his sleeping bag just what time the sun was coming up as we were waking him. Fortunately Bella had decided that sleeping on the head of my sleeping bag was as close as she was going to be able to snuggle and I slept nice and warm.

Not to be detered, we went along as Will went scouting for the perfect shots and watched as he did some neat lighting effects with the taillights against the tall grasses. Evan and I took turns (from the warmth of the Honda) pushing brakes or flickering headlights and dozing while Will worked. On returning to camp, we fixed breakfast and I got to experience eating oatmeal with chopsticks - a highly entertaining way to have a morning meal.

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