Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Carving with the Crew

Yesterday afternoon we had a pumpkin carving party with the kids so we could decorate the Chalets and Inn. I had no clue when I jokingly suggested it how excited they would get by that idea, so off to the store we go for pumpkins and supplies (there isn't a pumpkin patch around where you can go pick your own)

Gathering in our normal place - we head out on the back deck with new Dremel tools, knives and plenty of wine. The joking started right away, the laughter a perfect music to the atmosphere with Chris in the kitchen doing what he does so well and everyone else wearing these very intense looks of concentration as they planned and carved and sculpted. I'd offered a gift certificate prize to the bookstore or Intimate Apparel shop that just opened - you can imagine what this crew unanimously decided. I just sat and watched, thoroughly enjoying everyone enjoying themselves and each other.

When we got mostly finished carving, Chris has dinner ready - a pumpkin and duck stew that he's got in baby pumpkin bowls along with a chocolate/pumpkin/pomegranate dessert that was out of this world. I was completely blown away, not so much by his cooking skills, but that he could do something some terrific out of an ingredient he doesn't like. If we could pair him up with the right crew, Iron Chef would be getting an audition video.

Chris picked the cannibal that Kelly did as the winner.

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