Sunday, October 21, 2007

Us as screens and the stars projectors?

Just got in from watching the meteor shower. I tend to forget or take for granted what a great area I live in. I'd originally thought we'd go up on the parkway for the best view, but Chris made it quite clear he'd rather have sleep and I decided I'd go up in the development area behind the house to watch instead. It turns out that I didn't need to go up higher at all - we're ringed in here with enough peaks that it blocks the light from both Boone and Blowing Rock, and while not true dark skies, it's dark enough and there isn't any traffic coming by at that point to mess up your night vision either.

Sitting there with the dog (who is very patiently waiting for me to get up and continue walking even while she's giving me those "I left a nice warm bed in front of the fire for this?" looks) I was reflecting on how I was doing something mankind has done since he first walked this planet. Looking out there into the vast unknown and thinking about life - everyone's and my own as well. Both how did it all begin and how did I get to this point at the same time.

Easy enough to see how religions got started - the various diverse (but similar on so many levels) ways that people looked at the universe around them and wondered how they fit into something so big. I was sitting there thinking wouldn't it be interesting if we were each one of those stars and that the lives we were living here on Earth were actually projections from up there. How many other world's could we simultaneously inhabit? What would those lives be like? Or maybe the same world but with the ability to see the outcome of each of the choices we have made along the way - show me what would have happened if I had said no that one time that I said yes or took the left turn instead of the right. Sitting there wondering why no one had written a book or movie with that theme until I realized that it would never have an ending - you could "what if" forever. But we aren't given that much time, so we have to make it all count as much as we can now.

What is it about strolling alone at 2 am that clears my head - sure, tons of thoughts going on and processing, but not in the normal frantic tangle that it usually is. Lack of distraction? No phone or anyone to talk to? What I'd originally hoped to be a shared snuggling event turned out to be an equally satisfying solitary one instead.

Sleep well Orion, sweet dreams hot stuff. Thanks for a great night out underneath the stars.

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