Friday, January 11, 2008

Waking life....

The kids have been talking about sushi for a while now, but were waiting for a time when Chris wouldn't be eating since he doesn't like the textures.  Last night, we all got together at Nick's to make sushi and watch a movie.  It was incredibly fun - the first time all the kids have been back together since the Christmas break and everyone "doing" part of the meal prep.  Made for alot of conversation and joking, along with a very simple enjoyment of each other's company over something so basic but fun as making a meal (at least three of us had never made sushi before).

Afterwards we watched Waking Life. I don't remember ever seeing a film that struck me so intensely while watching it but left everyone so silently stunned when the credits rolled.  Evan (who's seen it many times before and recommended it as his favorite movie) was trying to start a conversation with everyone to find out their reaction, but we were all still lost in trying to absorb it.

I left this movie slightly unsatisfied and unsettled (a bit like waking up from a dream I suppose). It took me a while to figure out the reason -- the movie does not supply answers. It does not have a plot that reaches a "conclusion".

It's more of an experience, like a long, vivid, strange dream. 

While the different lecturers didn't say anything really new in terms of philosophy, their "realness" in presentation, the certainty in which they spoke and their animated character representations did make you see those theories in some new lights and provoke you to think. 

I spent most of the movie trying to decide if the train and bridge scenes were "transitions" in his mental awareness of him waking up to life or if they were more stepping stones towards eternity.

I don't remember even being conscious of the musical score while watching last night since there were so many other areas being stimulated, but I woke up this morning with it running through my head - not dominating, but as background music again.  The simple strings have almost a romantic melody to them, even though there is nothing of that basis in the movie.  It makes me feel a little still in the dream state.

Definitely one I want to watch again, the animation was such a fascinating departure from typical movies that I found myself visually distracted as the characters and scenes shifted with the conversations.  I imagine that there are things to see and here to be newly discovered with each additional watching.

Not everyone thinks the same. Not all of these topics will spark the imagination and get the wheels turning. Certainly, the animation is an experience on its own.  Waking Life is perfect for personal reflection. Dreaming can be fun. Living can be interesting. Living in your dreams will lead to adventure and personal satisfaction. Choose where you will spend your time...

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