Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How fucked up is that?, I

So - to save the economy, we're going to borrow $140 billion dollars from China so we can buy more stuff made in China? Anyone remember the Company store?

The school has sent me a letter threatening Administrative Withdraw if I don't provide my shot records? Let me see if I can find that particular stone tablet and dust it off for them. Did they even bother to look before sending the form email that I probably had one complete set of shots (including Rabies and a few other things very few folks get) from the military 20+ years ago? Or that the original ones are about 38 years old? Nope, so short of miraculously finding these records, I'll probably have to get all new shots since I have no clue where I would begin to find this stuff.

It hit me the other day that I have put myself into the position of having a routine on a day to day basis. I haven't done that in my entire adult life - it's so strange, but I can also see the "security" some folks get of knowing something like "it's Monday, I have to do XXX"

Poor Chris, if he doesn't feel totally neglected, then he's just blind. Between running the companies and training a new innkeeper, tackling a full load at school, agreeing to go off to PA (and now maybe Wisconsin) to do presentations at conferences, volunteering to do some things for various magazines and newspapers - then toss in this whole concept of developing a property for sustainable, affordable student housing.... it's a wonder the poor man knows I'm alive outside of me saying stuff like "Hey, I need a ride to the airport...." Somehow he smiles and gives me that knowing look and just rides with it. I hope everyone who ever reads this has someone so wonderfully supportive in their life - you have no clue how much that means.

Well, off to catch a flight home (arriving 2 hours early thanks to bad weather in Chicago). I keep feeling like if I just get another couple of days, I can get it all caught up.


Anonymous said...

Chris who? Neglected from what? Huh?

ccinnkeeper said...

When I went back to school to take classes in hospitality management I had to either produce proof of those same vaccinations or get the shots. It's the "MMR" vaccination: Measles, Mumps and Rubella.

Since I was in my 30's and I knew there was no hope of getting the records (I predate the mumps vaccination - I actually HAD the mumps but no proof) I went for the shots. It's a series of two if memory serves, and it's a pain in the neck, but there's really no choice.

Think of it as protecting everyone else from the spread of disease. After all, who knows if the shots you got 38 years ago are still providing immunity?