Sunday, January 20, 2008

An awesome night

It's 16 degrees, the stars are out, the moon nearly full and snow on the ground. Slept off my exhaustion - I never go to bed at 8:30 and sleep until 6:30 - obviously I needed it. Should be the last week of feeling like I'm behind and playing catch up at school. My belly is full with homemade chili and leftover homemade clam chowder. Probably the healthiest I've eaten this week except for lunch with Kelly (there's something about her current detox diet that makes me feel semi-guilty for eating, but I'm not giving up my wine, I'll try to drink enough for her until she can do yeast and sugar again LOL)

Curled up in front of the fireplace, feet cuddled with Chris makes me forget the earlier day frustrations of not being able to have a day for just us like I'd been planning. Seems like we've both been running a hundred miles an hour in different directions and we're due for an "us" day. Oh well, life conspired that he'd be busy when I wasn't and vice versa. We're still here, still together - always connected. Nothing special going on, a quiet night. Knitting for my family, thinking about how lucky I am. How could anyone be warmer?

Shitty day for a variety of reasons, seemed so important at the time - but now, oh well, it's past and all is right in my world. I am still going to find an Ipod, a ton of reasons. But overall, I can't complain - life is good, everyone should have it so well. Amazing how a little quiet time can really keep the rest in perspective. I have so much shit to get finished this week, but it'll all come together - nothing to worry about. Life is good. And yes, some things are just funny:

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Auburn haired artist said...

Oh yeah, It's cold here in Kansas too. But those cold winter nights are exactly what we need to make us slow down and enjoy the healing and warmth that comes from being together. Life is very good sometimes.