Sunday, March 30, 2008

I guess I have learned something from this already

Never trust a grown man who can't tell his mother who the most important person in his life really is.

He's had way too much experience keeping secrets and learned too well to hide what's really going on. Don't get involved with someone who always makes you spend all the holidays alone because he can't tell his family about you - if he doesn't have the balls to do that, he won't have them when he's ready to hit the fucking door.

The only courage he'll be able to find is to be an actor on the stage - pretending to everyone around that everything is fine, while secretly planning his get-a-way. As he moves on with his pretend life, instead of actually living it. His heart as barren as the place he moved to.

I'm sick of being numb. I just want to start crying so I can take this fucking ring off. But not now, when I feel more robot than human.

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