Sunday, September 30, 2007

Venison burgers, mason jars and bonfires

How could it really get any better than that?

Billy invited us to come to a locally grown pot luck on Saturday night, so we packed up some locally grown wine and headed out to the countryside. What a beautiful location, from the sunset on the way out to the stars you could see once it got fully dark. Was funny to realize upon pulling up that I'd known Billy's house longer than I'd know him. I'd been there before some while back. One of the guys who worked for us back when we were doing the siding on Labrador Ridge used to live there and was rumored to have been in town and stopping by later than night; unfortunately we never did get to see Josh before it was time to go.

His roommates seem like great guys, solid and stable but fun to hang out with. Would have loved to talk politics more with Haiz, but he had his hands full - literally, grinding up venison and chicken? (and someone jokingly said groundhog) to make burgers. We wound up hanging outside around the fire, drinking wine from mason jars (don't ever apologize for your glasswear dude, it's part of the whole experience and was terrific!)

It's amazing how often we are finding ourselves with others of like mind, even when they aren't of like age. Mostly sharing interests that we've discovered we have in common, occasionally sitting back and observing how the future still has the potential to be more than the past - and the hope for tomorrow that continues to build from that.

Seriously, we had a great time, thanks for including us.

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