Monday, September 10, 2007

Working with the "kids"

For those who know, we have a staff of "kids" here who are almost like family. I jokingly call them kids simply because of their age, certainly not their maturity levels. They have managed to take everything I've tossed at them, handle it with ease and grace well beyond their years, much to the amazement of my fellow innkeepers who would never believe that they could get similar results out of some so young.

You have no clue how important they have become in my life, how much I've been enjoying spending time with each of them - both as a group and one on one. As a group, they've joked and teased and asked questions and opened up about themselves in ways you can't even begin to imagine. One on one, they've opened themselves up and shared to depths that I have to wonder if they've ever vocalized before. Wow, what an honor to be trusted that much. I can only hope that I remain worthy of such.

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