Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grab a box of tissues first, then watch this powerful film.

A straight actor's gay education: Scott Bailey on his "Prayers for Bobby" experience |
FROM REAL LIFE STORY TO BOOK TO FILM: Prayers for Bobby is based upon the true story and critically acclaimed book by Leroy Aarons about a young gay man, Bobby (played by a heartbreaking Ryan Kelley), who because of his religious beliefs and family pressure, sets out to cure himself of being gay. The attempted cure tragically ends with his suicide which instigates questioning by his mother, Mary Griffith (played powerfully by Sigourney Weaver), of her blind-faith regarding homosexuality. She eventually becomes a gay rights activist and attempts to break this cycle of needless tragedy by telling her story. Mr. Aarons read bout Mary's heartbreak in an article in his local paper, contacted her and she shared with him Bobby¹s journals which chronicled his struggle. From that moment on, Mr. Aarons knew he had to write this story.


It was admittedly a learning experience even for me, an actor, living in Hollywood, with many close gay friends. I learned that the suicide rate is 4 TIMES higher amongst gay teens than straight teens. I also learned that homosexuality is definitely not a "choice" or "preference" or even something that can be taught yet it is widely feared and viewed askance! Hopefully, films like this can reveal the ongoing discrimination for what it is, show examples of how life can be, and by doing so provide a beacon of hope to homosexuals and their families.
If you missed it last night, Lifetime is going to re-air the movie Sunday night at 8pm EST or Tuesday at 9pm.

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