Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not even hostages

In the second of the three brilliant comedic French "La Cage aux Folles" films, there is a stand-off between a French SWAT team of police and some criminals who have kidnapped poor Albin, the long-time "domestic partner" of Renato. And there, in that very funny film, is a poignant moment filled with pain and stark truth.

As the tension builds, one of the criminals grabs sweet old Albin and places his gun squarely up to Albin's head so that the police outside can see his actions.

"This fag will be the first to die!" shouts the kidnapper to the French police who are lined up outside with their high powered rifles ready to fire.

The police laugh out loud at this threat: a threat to "kill the fag."

And then, Albin, played so well by the late Michel Serrault, realizes the hard truth: his life doesn't matter.

"I am not even a hostage, not even a hostage," Albin sighs to himself sadly before casting all his remaining fears aside and begins his brave walk toward the police line of fire calling out, "Renato, I'm coming to you."

Brothers and sisters, we are not even hostages.

We are the only minority in America that it is OK to hate and kill.

We do not rise to the level of meriting the protection of hate crime statutes.

We expect judges to tell those that have killed our loved ones, "they probably had it coming."

We are the only class of Americans who can be murdered because of "gay panic" as a plausible legal defense.

We are the only group of Americans who can lose our limbs in combat and be discharged with "dishonor" from the Armed Forces without any benefits. We are the only Americans who can die in combat for this country and have our spouses denied any recognition whatsoever.

There is no way on earth that the State of California would ever subject any other minority's civil rights to a ballot measure, to the rule of the mob. It would never even get past the Secretary of State. No way...unless you are homosexual.

Albin had it right: We are not even "hostages".

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